Insure Against Cyber Attack

Hackers are targeting smaller, less sophisticated targets, with individuals facing such problems as malware attacks, online fraud and breaches of information.

Typical attacks include ransomware, where network-connected devices are held hostage for a profit; fake technical support scams, where victims are fooled into calling the attacker direct; and web attacks, where cyber criminals take advantage of vulnerabilities in legitimate websites, putting users at risk.

In cases where intruders hack into an individual’s email account and arrange for funds to be transferred, causing the individual to sustain potentially huge losses, banks and financial institutions often refuse to reimburse amounts as the individual appears to have authorised the transaction.

With cyber attacks on individuals increasing in number and sophistication, it may well be in your best interests to take out extra cover against potential losses, over and above the safeguards put in place by banks and corporations.

This is particularly pertinent to those individuals with investments and sensitive data accessed via home or mobile systems, who may be more vulnerable than they realise.

While many homeowners’ insurance policies provide cover against identity-theft, the increase in personal cyber attacks has led many insurance companies to widen their coverage, offering protection to homeowners and family members against a variety of issues related to cyber security. Typically, this cover can offer protection against:•Computer attack – removing malware and re-programming computers, tablets, wi-fi routers or other internet access points
•Home system attack - restoring devices connected to the internet, such as smart phones, smart appliances, thermostats, security and monitoring systems
•On-line fraud – covering losses due to identity theft, phishing schemes, illegal bank and credit card transfers, forgery, counterfeit currency and other deceptions
•Cyber extortion - offering advice on how to deal with a ransom attack and payment of ransom
•Data breach - providing notification and recovery services when private data entrusted to an individual is lost, stolen or published.
Contact us to discuss your vulnerability to cyber attack and the level of cover you need to have in place to provide protection.