Protect Against Plastic Packaging Recalls

The detrimental effects of plastic on the planet are putting great strain on the plastic industry. The public is calling time on oceans infested with plastic clusters larger than some countries and landfill sites that are overflowing. Now, the British Government has promised to scrap non-recyclable plastics by 2025 and the rest of the world is also demanding action, meaning that the plastics industry is having to evolve at a rate of knots.

Many manufacturers are now in a rush to create eco-friendly replacements for plastic, or new, biodegradable non-toxic alternatives such as polylactic acid (PLA) – a biodegradable polyester derived from renewable sources. An increasing number of companies are now looking to use environmentally kinder substitutes as materials for hospitality sector items such as straws, takeaway boxes and cups.

Food packaging is the biggest culprit when it comes to the 295 billion pieces of non-recyclable plastic waste that Brits discard each year. A fast switch to substitute packaging products is required in Britain and companies such as Biopac and London Bio Packaging are leading the way.

New biodegradable plastics are yet to cement their place in the food sector and have not, to date, been rigorously tested. As such, these eco-friendly plastics are not immune from a product recall – a costly and difficult process that no manufacturer ever wishes to face.

Product recalls can occur for a variety of reasons, including contamination, product defects and design flaws. All of these present a logistical nightmare, coupled with increased and unanticipated costs and potential damage to brand reputation. As sales could stutter after such a recall, additional marketing might be required, increasing costs further.

Scenarios like these can he covered through product recall insurance. This cover can protect both your supply chain and bottom line and provide crisis PR assistance if a recall is triggered.

Product recall insurance protection provides a safety net for many types of business. If you realise that it could provide peace of mind for you, please get in touch.